Gift Time

The „Die Zeitungen Newscomers“ award challenges young creatives to promote and advertise the German newspaper in the classic print ad format. This year, the brief was all about bringing generations together and finding solutions for problems that are affecting everyone.

All the generations only ever meet up once a year – on Christmas. How can we use this moment to unite the generations and encourage the exchange?
By gifting time.

We designed three print ads in different wrapping paper designs, fitting to the different generations. This way, the readers could simply use the newspaper as a sustainable way to pack their gifts for family and friends. In addition, the headlines on the designs encouraged readers to spend more time with each other and actually listen to other generations. On top of that, we created posters that let you rip off faulty newspaper wrapping paper designs directly from the poster. And instead of giving classic gifting ideas on social media, we gave users ideas on what time-gift they could give to their loved ones, including coupons for local cultural events that could only be redeemed in pairs of two.

Art Director: Stella Ruthe & Leo Wendt
Copywriter: Leo Wendt
Mentor: Boris Spiel, Sascha Hanke & Turan Usuk